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Fixed Income Market Summary July 2020

Performance Snapshot: Sector Summary: US Treasuries:  Treasuries continued their year-to-date rally, generating positive performance in July. Treasury prices gained across the curve and reached fresh-all time low yields in various maturities. Slumping growth and muted inflation expectations perpetuated a decline…

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Here Are A Few Factors Contributing To The Recent Moves In Municipal Bonds

MacroView Municipal Market Minute

Much of the recent attention on financial markets has focused on the equity market volatility. Not to be outdone, the normally stable and lethargic municipal bond market experienced a historical spell of volatility over the last couple weeks as well.…

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Adding Value With Active Bond Management

Active bond management does not mean “day-trading.”  Nor does it mean buying and holding to maturity.  Active bond management means being constantly apprised of where the markets are and seeking to take advantage of opportunities to add value.  It is…

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Reaching Too Far For Yield?

Investors are starved for yield, we want them to be careful… In the current low interest rate environment, many investors are struggling to achieve their income targets and will often reach for yield to make up for any shortfalls. In…

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