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Engage MBG to conduct a portfolio review
You and your clients will see the value

MBG can provide critical and substantial reviews of existing portfolios –
whether for an existing client or a prospective one.

A portfolio review is a great way to unlock value whether it be from improving the tax efficiency or positioning.

We will review the holdings thoroughly and provide a comprehensive report
with potential suggestions/recommendations. The report will cover such
important factors as:

  • A breakdown of the holdings based on geography, credit quality, sector, etc.
  • Fully understanding and showing the risk in the portfolio – both credit and duration risk
  • Determining if the portfolio is in line with the client’s risk tolerance
  • Providing suggested changes, if warranted
  • The report is yours to use directly in meetings with clients or prospects

Please complete the form below to request a portfolio review.
Please complete the form to request a portfolio review.

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