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We have a deep appreciation for the roles and responsibilities that an advisor in today’s marketplace must fill.  Your time is limited and your trust must be earned.  In MBG, you will have a dedicated partner whose sole focus is to provide best-in-class service to you and your clients.  By tapping into our knowledge, experience, and dedication to fixed income investing and client service, we hope to become an indispensable resource to your practice.

Why You and Your Clients Benefit

In addition to the services and expertise that we provide in every MBG relationship, our network of advisors receive:

  • Highly customizable portfolios and flexible management of their fixed income allocations
  • Bond portfolios that are constantly monitored by a dedicated team of professionals, leaving the Advisor more time to tend to what’s most beneficial to their clients
  • A degree of collaboration and transparency that simply cannot be replicated with traditional mutual funds and ETFs
  • A simplified, hands-on transition process where assets coming into MBG are analyzed to determine fit, potential tax impact and buy/sell discipline. Frequent updates are provided while new client accounts are opened, transitioned and restructured.
  • An outsourced bond CIO that can provide Advisors with an array of real-time tools, including analytical materials and support for more effective client management
  • A lower cost, superior solution relative to actively managed fixed income ETFs and mutual funds.
  • No additional cost to the Advisor
  • A boutique, specialized, and detail-oriented approach
  • A partner with excellent client service engrained in its culture

With these advantages in mind, Advisors are leveraging our fixed income expertise to bring enhanced personalization and returns to each of their client relationships.

Benefit of Separately Managed Accounts

At MBG, we strongly believe that a fixed income portfolio intelligently constructed with individual bonds is far superior to passively owning a bond mutual fund or ETF.  We build and oversee all portfolios via Separately Managed Account (SMA) held at major custodians like Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade.


You probably get phone calls from mutual fund and ETF wholesalers every day of the week.  They want your business and not much else.  MBG is something very different.  We are a partner that helps you build fixed income portfolios. We are your “bond desk” with full institutional capabilities and work directly with you to address your clients’ unique investment goals and objectives.


Mutual Funds and ETFs are off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all products.  By gaining a deeper understanding of your clients’ personal investment objectives, we can construct portfolios that reflect their specific circumstances and preferences, which results in a greater sense of control.

Risk Management

Our actively managed strategies aim to maximize growth while limiting volatility regardless of surrounding market gyrations.  Passively managed mutual funds and ETFs are static in nature and wont adjust their risk posture to account for any changes in market condition.  That’s left up to the investor.


Your clients’ bond allocations, and fixed income markets in general, are constantly monitored by a dedicated team of experienced professionals.


Everything we do is fully observable. Our clients can view their portfolio holdings and transactions in real-time while gaining a better understanding of how their portfolio is being managed.

Tax Efficiency

Unlike mutual funds and ETFs, MBG knows that each client is unique.  We seek to obtain the most attractive tax equivalent yields by purchasing both tax-exempt and taxable municipal bonds depending on the investor’s tax situation.


We prefer a portfolio of individual bonds because – unlike mutual funds and ETFs – we can help you accurately map out income streams and levels of return for target-related client goals.

Our Client Testimonials

I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate you and your team! My past experience with financial advisors was not good. I found myself constantly worrying about my investments when they were supposed to take that burden away from me. But, many years ago when I came to you, you assessed my tolerance for risk and made suggestions on how to proceed. The assessment revealed I had about a 5% tolerance to the downside while taking advantage of any upside potential. Over the past 11 years the downside risk has  never tested until now. The plan you put forward has exceeded my expectations! People I know have lost so much money over the last 3 weeks and  some to the tune of over $750,000 and more. I am forever grateful to you and your team and I can finally sleep at night knowing my money is in good hands! My family and I truly Thank You!
- profession or title or other info
Thank you for the update. To be honest, we have enough trust in MacroView’s Strategies with our portfolio that we do not worry for ourselves. Hoping you do not have people adding any more pressure than you are already dealing with.  For those that are higher risk takers – my heart goes out to them.  We appreciate the work you have invested in our well-being by us sleeping well at night. 
- profession or title or other info
Knowing that your team is vigilant and on top of this makes it a lot easier for my wife and I to sleep each night.  We very much appreciate your expertise and hard work.
- profession or title or other info
I just wanted to thank you for how well you have positioned us in this time of market crises due to the black swan coronavirus event.
- profession or title or other info

Thank you, this is very helpful. We know you and the MacroView team will do what is in our best interests by preserving value in unprecedented times.

- profession or title or other info

Thanks for your consistent communication. As you said, this is why we are structured the way we are.

- profession or title or other info

Thank you for reaching out to me. Thank you for all your work to protect what I have. I know you don’t control the market. I appreciate all you do for all of us that you represent.

- profession or title or other info
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